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The best dads CRY.

It's been a very difficult two weeks for our community, Carroll ISD and our family. One of Adam's classmates, Sarah Lacy - a senior at Carroll High School, died unexpectedly due to a pedestrian accident. We spent a number of nights crying, hugging and asking "Why", wondering how could this possibly happen and what meaning could come from this tragic accident.

We only met Sarah this year as she is a senior and my son is a freshman. We knew her brother from Scouting and I had met the parents a few time. Adam performed in the same musical in the fall with Sarah and her brother Zach. That very day, Sarah, Adam and about 40 other kids rehearsed for five hours on the Pop Show before starting back to school Tuesday after the holiday break. Adam came home from school Tuesday and said Sarah was in the hospital with swelling on the brain. When he came home on Wednesday, we shared with him that Sarah had passed.

The Lacy family hosted a theater party over the holidays. There was a point where my son Adam took a break from the activities and sat down by himself. Sarah made it a point to walk over, ask how he was doing and to check to see if everything was okay. She always wanted people to be happy and feel included, this instance was no different.

Sarah's Celebration of Life was this past Monday, January 13, 2020. The City of Southlake Mayor, Choir and Theater teachers, her best friend and brother Zach all shared memories with us. A video, music by her piano and voice teacher, performance of Amazing Grace by her choir teacher and a song by the Carroll Choir. A local church was filled to capacity, standing room only. It was incredible, the amount of support shown from the entire community, school district and friends for Sarah and her family.

We still don't know why this happened. It's difficult to believe. The flowers are still on the street corner that designate the location. This reminds me to cherish each moment we have with our kids. Give your kids a big hug and tell them you love them, today and everyday. And for, be positive and be kind...just like Sarah.

Helping dads be their best...mark

If you would like remember Sarah, the following charities have been designated.



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