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The best dads REMEMBER!

It's not too late! You still have a week to get ready for Valentine's Day. I wanted to share a quick reminder so you don't find yourself shopping the day before.

After I was married for a few years, I asked my wife what she actually she wanted to do for this special holiday. This was the best idea ever. I found out that the traditional card, flowers and chocolate was not what she had on her mind. That year we went to a Chocolate Academy and learned how to make a chocolate house, it reset my perspective on the day.

As our boys grew older, we created a new family tradition. We do a chocolate fondue with the kids to celebrate that special day. We all have fun creating different types of chocolate and preparing the fruit, pretzels and pound cake for dipping.

No matter what your plans, you still have time to make it happen. The fact that you remembered is the first step. Ask, you may be surprised by what you hear.

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